Our stand up arcades are designed to look and feel like their 1980’s quarter munching counterparts. Digital arcades allow user to play 1000s of games from 1 arcade machine.

Virtual Pinball

Virtual Pinball machines look and play just like the real thing. From working plungers to tilting and nudging, digital machines are a great way to experience all the classic pinball titles on 2 machine.

DIY Kits

At this time, we have discontinued our kit production arm of the business.



Woodstock Custom Arcades specializes in fully built arcade and pinball solutions. We offer a variety styles to choose from and each machine is made uniquely yours with customizable colours and graphics. 


  • 2 Player Cocktail Render
  • 2 Player Pedestal Render
  • 2 Player StandUp Render
  • 4 Player Arcade - Joker
  • 4 Player Cocktail Render
  • 4 Player Pedestal
  • Virtual Pinball Render

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